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Our Rubbish Skip Bin Hire
Guidelines for Use in Penrith

Whether you need a skip bin while clearing out your yard after a storm or to collect debris during a major property renovation, it’s important to keep the use guidelines in mind.

At Cheap Skip Bins, all of our bins have the same usage requirements. These guidelines ensure proper disposal once the bin is picked up and reduce the risk of potential injury for you and our pickup crew.

Please review the rubbish skip bin hire rules below before reserving your bin.

Improper Use of Bins

Because we are committed to environmentally safe disposal, we’ve outlined a list of dos and don’ts to best help us help you and the planet. 

The following items are NOT allowed in our bins:
Paint tins
Gas bottles
Motor & cooking oils
Chemicals (pool, insecticides, etc.)
Perishable food
Car & truck tyres
Soils or clay (potting mixes are OK)
Many of these items, like asbestos and harsh chemicals, require specialised disposal to ensure that the substance does not pose a threat to waste workers, wildlife and groundwater after it’s thrown away.

If you have one of these items, we may be able to help you find a local disposal option. If we cannot recommend an alternative waste removal company, we can help you determine which municipal agency you should contact for more information.

Some of the other items we do not accept may be picked up by private companies. For example, some vehicle dealerships and repair shops accept used tyres.

Proper Bin Usage

With the exception of the above items, we allow almost everything else in our bins. We even accept car batteries and auto parts, which other companies may not. In addition to accepting a wide range of rubbish, at Cheap Skip Bins, we do our utmost to reduce landfill waste by recycling as much as 80% of what our clients throw out.

When loading your bin, it’s important that you do not over fill it. Do not load your bin over the rim. If you think you may need more bin space, please contact our staff before your scheduled delivery to discuss your options.

To prevent issues with bin size, consider consulting with our staff about the extent of your project before ordering a bin of a particular size to ensure that you end up with the right skip bin for your needs.

While filling your bin, use common sense and best lifting practices to minimise the risk of personal injury or property damage. For example, you should always lift heavy objects using thrust from your knees rather than stooping down and potentially straining your back.

Call us for additional questions on whether we can remove a specific type of rubbish. Our Penrith office can be reached on 0408 025 232 Monday through Friday.
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We accept car batteries and parts in our bins

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